Company and Village History

Randolph Storage was built in 2006 in the small village of Guys Mills in bucolic northwestern Pennsylvania on the banks of Lake Creek close to the site where village founder Jacob Guy built his sawmill in the early 1800’s. It is the former property of “Fast Eddie” Smith and his surplus goods outlet and of the Guys Service Station, among others.

Historical references to Guys Mills would be incomplete without the mention of John Brown, who settled in a nearby village in 1825, and who operated a tannery. He attended the Congregational Church in Guys Mills and served as its choirmaster until he helped establish a congregation closer to his home. While a resident of Crawford County, Brown proved himself a model citizen and a patron of the community, a producer of high quality tanned goods, and a cattleman. His first wife is among those buried in a family burial ground at his former farm and tannery.

The community of Guys Mills was a locally important crossroads in the mid-1800’s during the early years of the oil boom in Titusville in the eastern part of the county. It became a stopover point for travellers from the east going to the county seat of Meadville to the west. The establishments of Cutlers Department Store, the largest department store in Crawford County at the time, and the Guy House, a hotel built by Augustus Guy in 1851, along with the mill (later converted to a grist mill), a cheese factory, and other small business concerns served as focal points for the surrounding primarily agricultural community.

In more recent years, with the routes of travel going around Guys Mills, village activity has slowed to a more gentle pace. Norma’s Store, a typical small town general store, the Guys Mills Post Office, and Randolph Storage line the main road through town, interspersed by residences and the Evangelical Free Church of Guys Mills. The Randolph Volunteer Fire Department is there, too, having served the community for over 50 years. Bogardus Auto Shop and Burchard Photography are close by. The largest employers in the township are Penncrest School District at Maplewood High School, and Faith Builders Educational Programs, Inc., housed in the former Randolph-East Mead School building in Guys Mills.

Customer testimonials

I used Randolph Storage when I returned home after years living out of state. Not only was the service phenomenal, but I felt secure using a local business with people I could trust.


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